Ticket Check

New Jersey One Call (NJOC) has operated its Electronic Response System, Ticket Check, on a trial basis for several years. As of August 1, 2016, this trial has ended. This communication explains the changes in Ticket Check’s operations.

Ticket Check helps close the communication loop between Facility Operators and Excavators. The purpose of an electronic positive response system is to help prevent damages by improving communication between these two important Stakeholder groups.

Facility Operators voluntarily register with NJOC to respond to Ticket Check. Operators indicate if the status of a mark-out request is “clear” or “marked”. When the three-business day interval for marking ends, Ticket Check sends a message to the Excavator with the accumulated status information. If a Facility Operator chooses not to register with NJOC to use Ticket Check, the message sent to the excavator indicates that the Operator “Does not participate in Ticket Check”.

To further increase communication among Stakeholders and reduce the possibility of damage, the message sent by Ticket Check to Excavators has been modified. The message “Does not participate in Ticket Check” has been modified to “Does not participate in Ticket Check – please call the Operator directly at ###-###-####”. NJOC will use the phone number the Facility Operator has provided for contact regarding mark-out request issues.

NJOC encourages all Facility Operators to register for Ticket Check in order to streamline the communication process. Ticket Check handles record keeping and Excavator Notification, freeing the Facility Operator from tasks associated with conducting a manual Positive Response Process.

Please contact Kate Dwyer at kdwyer@occinc.com or 732-394-3000 to register to use Ticket Check or to verify your company’s contact information.